Matching types of funding to a specific projects, expansion goals, and industry is critical for successful outcomes. Our proprietary processes are capable of adding value regardless of the stage of your business and/or project.


We assist start-up companies position themselves for success to ensuring they have the correct foundation for bringing in capital.


We assist businesses assess their corporate growth projections and help position them to receive venture capital financing which works for them.


We work with you and our partners to customize solutions for your financing and capital needs. Workable solutions that re-position your organization and increase your corporate value.

The J&M Network provides access to firms & individuals who are capable of meeting the financing needs of your corporation or project. Most importantly, we ensure alignment on values and provide expertise to continue on the growth trajectory.



Building forward with J&M Capital and our partnership network ensures construction pitfalls and budget overruns are minimized.

Project Financing

When it comes to project development in infrastructure and construction, J&M knows that smart financing will not only get your project launched but operating efficiently.

We know there is value in creating sustainable partnerships with a team that cares about your project’s impact within your business and community. Our team works diligently to maximize opportunities and alleviate risks that can often get overlooked during bureaucratic procedures. That is why J&M not only brings forth a history of successful project development and public and private partnerships at both a local and global level but a genuine dedication to the success of your business.

We shape finance structures that are unique to each project.

J&M has to the tools to make sure that when procuring sources of finance, whether it be banks, private equity/funds, or ECA’s that decisions are made correctly and in your projects best interests.

How do we do it?

J&M incorporates practices and academically supported modelling that ensures the efficiency of capital. When structuring a financial plan, we consider several factors to ensure that we continually make correct decisions.

For example we know that interest rates can differentiate for several reasons. Therefore, we work with both a short and long-term lens, ensuring that we look at interest rates from all angles, thus securing the best outcome possible for the return of capital back into your business.

Many things affect the cost of capital. Our process ensures the professionals involved will structure a project to ensure the capital is applied in the most efficient manner possible, allowing us to spread the success of your project throughout the community.

J&M helped us complete and understand the feasibility study process. What separated them from the competition is they were able to provide insight into the actual business case as well as the construction costs, thus improving the accuracy of the financial model. They provided us with a holistic viewpoint so we could make informed decisions and offered us an entire structure for implementing and building our project.

-Paul C - HPAB