Providing businesses with financial and intellectual resources so they can reach their full potential

J&M Capital’s team consists of individuals with both on-the-ground and top executive expertise. This means we can help you plan and strategize for success and be hands-on when it comes to operationalizing the needed changes at the ground level. Our goal is simple – get money back into the pockets of your business and save you time in the process.

Our advisors hold industry leadership positions and are considered top tier talent in their respective fields.

J&M Capital’s staff, advisors, strategic partners, and subcontractors create a high-performing team to fit your project needs. We provide specific expertise on demand delivering results and exceeding your expectations.


J&M Capital believes successful projects happen for our clients when a holistic approach is applied.

We offer services in Consulting, Capital and Performance, delivering results that match the goals of your business regardless of the size or scope of a project. Our methods provide numerous financial, social and environmental advantages while always ensuring maximum quality.


We work with businesses across North America, providing consultation and accessing capital through efficient and collaborative processes.

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We provided technical testing strategy, project acquisition and business development.


Build it Forward

We believe that small actions create big changes. That is why we put money saved back into community programs and projects.